About G. Sekar

Prof. G. Sekar obtained his Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur in 1999 under the guidance of Padma Shri, Prof. Vinod K. Singh. Dr. Sekar was a JSPS postdoctoral fellow at TUT, Japan, and an AvH postdoctoral fellow at Goettingen University, Germany. He also carried out postdoctoral research at Caltech, USA.

Prof. Sekar’s research activity on organic synthesis focuses on developing new synthetic methodologies employing environmentally benign homogeneous catalysts, metal nanocatalysts, and halogen bonding catalysis. His group has synthesized the first enantiopure model of Galactose Oxidase enzyme and mimicked its activity for the synthesis of important enantiopure alcohols through oxidative kinetic resolution. His group has synthesized a new class of highly stable palladium and platinum semi-heterogeneous nanocatalysts stabilized by M – C (sp2) covalent bonds and utilized them as easily recoverable/reusable green catalysts. Recently, his group has developed new catalysts using principles of halogen bonding interaction, an emerging field in catalysis.

Prof. Sekar is the author of more than 115 publications and graduated 22 Ph.D. students.  He is the recipient of the Institute Research and Development Award (Mid-Career)-2017, JSPS, AvH postdoctoral fellowships, AvH equipment award and CRSI bronze medal for the year-2015. He is the Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) and Fellow of the Academy of Sciences, Chennai (FASCh). He is also a present council member of the National Organic Symposium Trust (NOST), and Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI), India.

Prof. Sekar’s Research Outcome (as on May 2019)

  • Number of papers published:                                        116
  • Number of Ph.D. students (completed):                       22
  • Number of Ph.D. students (on-going):                          09
  • Number of sponsored projects (completed):              09
  • Number of sponsored projects (on-going):                  02
  • Invited/guest lectures delivered:                                    85
  • H-index : 32; Total citation: 2976 (as on 26th May, 2019); Source: Scopus; Scopus ID: 6602184820)
  • Our recent research regarding conversion of toluene to benzoic acid using Pt-BNP nano-catalyst in water (in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2019, 250, 325 journal) is highlighted in “The Hindu” national English newspaper on 31st March, 2019 (Page 13 of Chennai Edition)
  • DD national (Science) TV / RS TV news coverage about conversion of toluene to benzoic acid using our Pt-BNP nano-catalyst in water (18.5.2019, Science Monitor)

Dr. G. Sekar

Department of Chemistry, IITM